A letter from us -The founders.

To all our Jude ladies,

Today’s a big day for everyone at Jude, our community is growing and we’ve now expanded to our own website. We built a very special experience with you in mind. Jude was a vision but now it’s a reality.  For 3 years, Jude has brought us closer together to you and gave us a platform to know beautiful human beings and be a part of your hijab journey. 

To every lady who has been with us from the start and to all of you who watched us grow and helped support us, this new beginning is for you. It’s to answer your wishes, to have a platform that is easier to you. It’s to show you how grateful we are and that we hear you, we always do. 

Jude is here to tell your incredible stories through designs that are hand drawn, we are here to empower the ladies and to bring us all together in one community. A community that rises by lifting each other. We are here to see you grow and revive your style through different designs and nothing more brightens our days than to see you shining in Jude or hear your stories. 

You inspire us to keep going, keep designing, keep dreaming of new ways to revive modesty and help you on your hijab journey. Today we reached a new milestone that we have been working on for a year now and that’s only because you deserve the best. 

Today we’re raising our voices through our designs. Tomorrow, this community will grow into something bigger and more great things are yet to come.

Keep on shining, ladies. 

That’s what we’re here for. 


Jude’s founders

Sara, Yara & Yasmine.