Our Story

In 2018, Three young ladies decided to go on a hunt for beautiful, simple and patterned scarves to complete their hijabi look. Frustrated and unable to find what they were looking for, our Jude founders set out to create the accessory their outfits so desperately needed, and the signature Jude trio scarf was born. 


Within 2 years, the Jude brand grew to include more than 60 designs in over 15 collections – all with one thing in common: each was designed from scratch and handcrafted specifically for Jude. With every collection launched, our founders still continue to try on the scarves themselves, to ensure that our customers receive the premium quality we know they deserve.


So all we’re really trying to say here is… Jude was created out of a desire to revive modesty, and continues to exist in all the ways that it does because of you, our beloved lady in Jude, and we couldn’t be more grateful.



All our scarves were made to celebrate our lovely Jude ladies,  whether soft and sweet or bold and daring.


All our prints and patterns are created and hand-designed only for Jude; you can mix and match them as you please for a more individual touch.


We pride ourselves on the high quality and execution of our products, made to stand out and to last.